Giveaway Time: Fruits Basket Edition!

In less than a week I’ll be moving cross country, so I need to get rid of a couple things.  It’s mostly odds and ends, but I do have this nice little collection of Fruits Basket stuff that’s been stored away for a few years.  Here’s your chance to win it and get it off of my hands, thus helping me with my move.  I know most FB fans probbaly own all this stuf already, but it might make a great gift for someone who only has seen the anime or someone new to manga.

You’ll Win:

  • Volumes 1-12 of the Fruits Basket Manga
  • 1 Holographic Poster
  • 1 Kyo Plush Backpack
  • 1 Fruits Basket Official Journal (fair warning: the cover’s been written in, and a few pages were torn out)


  1. Reblogs and likes are cool, but you can’t exceed more than 10.
  2. You don’t have to follow.
  3. The contest ends August 15th, and the winner will be contacted through their ask, so keep it on.

The prizes will most likely not be sent out until I have a little bit of extra cash to ship, so around the first of September.  Worst case scenario, you’ll get them by October after I start a new job.  We’ll keep in contact about it. Don’t worry.

Good luck! and sorry for the terrible cell phone pics!

tags: fruits basket. furuba. tohru honda. sohma. kyo sohma. yuki sohma.

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    My God, if I won, my life would be happy.
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